Meet the Animals 1: Great White Shark

Hello! Wow! Who are you? I'm a great white shark. I'm one of the biggest fish on earth! Where do you live? Great white sharks live in the ocean. We like to swim in cool water. Are you dangerous? We can be very dangerous. But we don't usually attack people. Instead people often hunt us! What do you eat? We eat lots of fish. We also eat sea lions, dolphins, and turtles. So you have to hunt for food? Yes, we're amazing hunters. We can smell our prey from far away. Your teeth look pretty sharp! Our teeth are very sharp! We have about three hundred of them. See . . .? Snap! Are you fast? Great white sharks are very fast! Our tails are long and powerful. They help us shoot through the water. Look! There's another shark. Good-bye! Good-bye, Great White Shark!

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