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We are looking for native speakers (english, spanish and chinese) to teach young children in a fun and innovating way. We have developed our own teaching method with our team of specialists.


Once we have decided to work with you, we offer help and support to guide you through your work as well as prepared lessons, activities …
If you want to join our team, you must be sure you can commit yourself for the whole school year. Most important of all, you must enjoy spending stimulating time with children.

Valid working papers compulsory.
Thank you for applying. Don't forget to email your CV and covering letter!

Nous recherchons des intervenants de langue maternelle (anglais, espagnol, chinois) pour animer nos ateliers linguistiques. Si vous avez de l'expérience dans l'enseignement et/ou avec des enfants, veuillez nous faire parvenir votre CV.
Permis de travail obligatoire.


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