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Our pedagogy


FUN School encourages early introduction to foreign languages, in order to exploit the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of very young children.​

​ Specialists​ unanimously believe that the ability to learn a foreign language decreases with age. So the earlier the learning begins, the more the child will be helped for English and for all the other languages.

Learning a foreign language is a long-term adventure. Fun School has two main goals when starting out with new students: to teach vocabulary and to make sure kids have fun. The child who enjoys learning will want to continue his discovery.

Your children come to FUN School from October to April to follow a small group program complementary to the school curriculum inspired by Montessori pedagogy.


We use the themes of everyday life (such as fruits and vegetables, animals, seasons, etc ...), your children work while having fun and discover the language and habits of the country.

Our method includes a lot of mimes, songs, role plays, crafts, cooking; everything to develop in the child the desire to communicate in another language and to develop his confidence within a group.

Each week in order to continue teaching at home, you can find the weekly lesson on our activity

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